A family friendly board game that gives a spin on the classic alien-cownapping tale.

The Game

In Heifer Heist, aliens have crash landed on Planet Earth on their way to a Martian agricultural conference. They need organic material to fix their ships. Fortunately, they've landed in a field of cows, and what better organic material than cows!

But the farmer isn't too happy about them "borrowing" his cattle! Dodge the angry farmer and be the first to bring 10 cows to your mothership and escape!

Competition Winner
First place in the Visual Design and Marketability categories in the CUDO Plays Board Game Competition.
Playful Design
Distinctive art style and broadly appealing graphics that create memorable characters and engaging gameplay.
Comical Cards
Unique combination of silly illustrations and whimsical jokes that all ages can appreciate.

How to Play

Farmers and aliens and cows, oh my!

Easy to Pickup
The game is constructed with simple mechanics that build upon each other and allow players to build inventive strategies.
Players explore the field attempting to gather cows for more movement, while flipping over any face-down tiles.
Changeable Board
Since the tiles are movable, the board layout is different every play through.
Players can also attempt to pilfer cows directly from other players while standing in adjacent spaces.

About Us

Katie Khau
Designer who creates the graphics and art of Heifer Heist. Does the cow-culations of the business.
Jess Chu
Writer who produces the puns and copy of Heifer Heist. Pushes the writing to its cow-tipping point.